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Twin Trees

Old olive trees have these wonderful shapes and structures. I spotted this one in an olive orchard in France. It caught my eye because of the beautiful way in which the roots seemed to embrace each other. And I was in a romantic mood! Materials used: Caran d’Ache graphite, Schoellershammer 4R paper

Portrait of an Old Lady

They say that wisdom comes with age. I tend to think that beauty comes with age too (although not everyone might agree!). In any case it certainly goes for this lady I met in Sri Lanka. She was very kind and willing to pose, so that I could take pictures and use them to create
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Between the Frosted Leaves

Although I often find inspiration during holidays abroad, it can also be found very close to home. I guess it’s everywhere, we just need to pay attention to the small things (literally)! I love those sunny but cold winter days, when you can see frosted leaves being lit up by the morning sun. The beautifully
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Abandoned Classic Car

I love old things! Some things just get better with age. Nice wine for example, and cars too. Sometimes people as well. On the one hand they remind us of our short existence, and on the other hand they also have a certain beautiful timeless quality. This car is an old Russian GAZ-M20 Pobeda. On
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Sometimes inspiration is just waiting for us right outside the doorstep! Looking from my window, I could see a bird’s nest with only one little baby bird left in it. Unfortunately, a severe heat wave struck the Netherlands right at that time. I worried whether the poor thing could survive such heat! Pondering over the
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The Cat

It seems that in some small Italian villages, almost everyone has cats! I spotted this cat in one of the many narrow streets. The door and wall behind the cat create an interesting interplay between the different textures of fur, wood and stone. The key derived from imagination!

The Observer

This man from Sri Lanka was actually not observing the sky. In reality, he was a palm reader. Upon seeing his intricate hand maps, my imagination took over. According to yoga philosophies, we have different energy centers or chakra’s. If it would be possible to look into the head from above, you would see these
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Abandoned Old Car

I spotted this beautiful old car on the island of Dominica. Apparently the owners had abandoned it, and now it was just standing by the side of the road. It looked like it had been standing there for ages! The weeds were growing out of the doors and (what used to be) windows. An enchanting
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Portrait of my Mother

My mother is so patient! She very willingly spent 2 hours posing for this painting. During this time I think I made 500 photo’s. Out of these, I selected the best ones to create her portrait. The red flowers my mother was holding were painted, dried flowers. At the end of the 2-hour session, they
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This painting depicts a homeless man I saw in Le Puy (France). I was there for a yoga holiday. Somehow, there was something very beautiful about this man, although I didn’t quite realize what it was at the time. Only while painting, it struck me that we are actually in some way all like this
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Greek Woman from Corfu

I was lucky enough to see this woman sitting in her doorstep during a vacation to the Greek island of Corfu. She didn’t mind me taking several pictures, so that I could paint her portrait later on. Her aged face and traditional clothing just begged for a painting!

Farmhouse by the Sea

The islands of the Seychelles are renowned for their picture-perfect, pristine white-sand beaches. My husband and I decided to go for a walk along the coastline of Praslin, the second largest island. At some point, the beach became slightly less clean and ‘polished’. That is when we found this beautiful old farmhouse. The trees and
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Portrait of my Grandmother

This painting was originally thought to be a sketch hence the choice of paper instead of canvas. It did however progress into a quite fulfilling portrait. The choice of color is quite classical as that (understandably) fitted very well with my grandmother’s age.