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~ Edith

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Thank you for visiting my web site!

I'm Edith van Duin-Schermer and I was born in 1977. I live in Spanbroek, a small rural village in Noord-Holland, approximately 50 kilometres north of Amsterdam.

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My interest for drawing and painting started at quite a young age. I was sold when my parents gave me oil paint for my 7th birthday. From then onwards, I have been addicted to the smell of fresh oil paint and white spirit.

Having started as an autodidact, in 2009 I decided to follow courses in classical oil painting at the art academy in Haarlem (Kunstacademie Haarlem) under the excellent tutoring of André Gouw. This to broaden my skills and expertise and prepare for a future career in painting.

I don't really have fixed subjects for painting. What usually happens is that I'm moved or touched by something that I see. Part of what I see is kept in the painting, and the rest is adjusted.

In case of any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

~ Edith